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Mission Statement
The Peace Officers Memorial Foundation of Cook County is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization that is representative of all law enforcement agencies and officers that operate in the county of Cook. The Foundation is dedicated to the belief that all peace officers deserve recognition for the great and sometimes dangerous job that they do every day. Our intention is to sponsor and participate in programs designed to increase public awareness about the outstanding work performance demonstrated by our law enforcement officers in Cook County.
While acknowledging the efforts of those men and women who currently serve as peace officers as well as those who have served honorably in the past, the Foundation remembers those officers seriously injured or disabled while serving and protecting our communities. We firmly believe that there should be some symbol dedicated not only to these officers but also to those who have had their lives taken in the performance of duty. Our primary goal is to honor the fallen men and women of law enforcement in Cook County by building and maintaining a memorial dedicated to their memory.
The Foundation fully supports the Cook County Resolution of May 15, 2001, which was proposed by our members. This resolution designates May 10th of every year as Peace Officers Day Of Remembrance And Recognition In Cook County. We will work hard to institute and support programs and efforts that carry out the spirit of this resolution. Our pledge is to gather every May 10th as a law enforcement family along with those who support us to acknowledge and remember our officers both past and present.
The Foundation shall strive to cultivate a spirit of fraternalism among the many law enforcement agencies in this county through representation and participation in this organization, with the hope of strengthening the tradition of esprit de corps.
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