1926 - Floyd A. Beardsley, Chicago PD;

1903 - George A. Airey, Chicago PD (Morgan Park PD)

There were no officers known to be lost on October 29th within Cook County in years past....There are only 38 days on the calendar without an officer loss within Cook County.   

1997 - Anthony Millison, Illinois State Police;

1967 - John J. Nagle, Northlake PD;

1967 - Anthony P. Perri, Northlake PD;

1923 - Lawrence C. Hartnett, Chicago PD;

1915 - John P. Furlong, Chicago PD

1968 - Clayton  Robinson, Chicago PD;

1960 - William J. Flowers, Chicago PD;

1926 - Walter J. Riley, Chicago PD;

1920 - Edward W. Marpool, Chicago PD

1954 - Charles P. Annerino, Chicago PD;

1936 - Frederick Fischer, Chicago PD (Park District)

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